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Have You Bought The Courses? Listened To The Audibles? Gone To All The Events And Yet You Feel Like You Made No Progress?
Your Life Is Still The Same... 
  That changes now! Time to live your truth and love yourself
 to the highest degree. 
Have You Bought The Courses? Listened To The Audibles? Gone To All The Events... And Yet You Feel Like You Made No Progress?
Your Life Is Still The Same? 
That changes now! Time to live your truth and love yourself
 to the highest degree. 
Echo Summer Hill is on a journey to PERSONALLY LEAD and create a world wide movement for woman that is the first of it's kind! A community that changes everything.

 A sacred place where woman can gain access to the coaching, the tools, the resources they need to ONCE AND FOR ALL set themselves free from shame, guilt and fear so that they can live out their dreams and reach their highest potential.

I Am You... I get where you are and what you want to be.

  • ​Are you suffering from any shame, guilt, fear, anger, anxiousness, or sadness?
  • Do you feel as though you are spinning in circles? That every day is the same crazy mess full of ups and downs. *It's exhausting*  
  • ​Are you struggling to find your place in the world? Struggling to find true happiness?
  • ​Are you wanting to connect deeper to your highest self? Thinking, if not now then when? It's time to make the changes you REALLY want. 
I once felt all of these things and sometimes still do. I have been where you are. I too once had all of the above statements reflect my daily life and how I felt ON - THE - REGULAR.

 I am here today to say, it doesn't have to be this way love. You too can came out to the other side; the side of living within a spiritual awakening,  getting into alignment with what serves YOU best and once and for all, achieve the goals you desire in life.

Through my spiritual journey I discovered my Secret Power... I found the solution to start increasing the love for myself and healing the pain, suffering and fear I felt...

What if I told you you could...
Love yourself no matter what size you are.
See the beauty in all people.
Live with gratitude even on the roughest days.
Thrive financially.
Bless others with your joy.
Slow down and do more.
Plus, not only could that be your life but you could also have all of that without:
  • Wasted time spending hours, days, months, looking - scrolling and Googling for that "next thing" to try that will surely be the secret resource you need to achieve a more Spiritually Guided lifestyle.
  • Wasted money on purchasing #AllTheThings! The Meditations, the Challenges, the events, the courses, the subscriptions, the Journaling books and on, and on. *Uggggg* It can feel never ending! 
  • Wasted energy in trying something new, only to get your hopes up that this time you will finally "GET IT," it will click... that you will make the shift into alignment, manifesting that LIFE you want only to be left with not seeing any real results; all that time invested and nothing.
It is possible to... not be shaken when things try to shake you up.
It is possible to... love when others aren't giving you any.
It is possible to... see your Value!!
If any of this has resonated with you then you are reading this for a reason. There are no coincidences you are here and that is why I am exited to tell you that these roadblocks in your life ends now. 
The Key To Gaining This For Your Life Is Having Guidance By Someone Who Has Achieved These Same Results, Someone Who Can Act As Your Coach Teaching You How To Replicate This For Your Journey too! 

It was for this reason why I created the Soul Up Community Membership.

The Soul Up Community is a 12-month interactive and group coaching membership designed to deliver life changing tools, tangible resources and access to coaching classes that will provide woman the 
guidance they need to make a soul guided shift and to get into alignment to their highest self.

Having a seat at the table, inside this community is like personally having Echo hold your hand for the next year of your life as she walks you through the same tools, resources and healing practices she has benefited so greatly from, resulting in getting her to the place that she is today.
The Soul Up Community Membership Includes:
(7) Core Coaching  Masterclasses
7 Core Soul Up Masterclasses; each designed to coach you through diving deeper into new layers of your healing & soul guided journey. The video Masterclasses will be where you gain in depth coaching and guidance from Echo as she goes through the 7 life practices that are imperative to master to get you into alignment and manifest the life you desire.
{LIVE} Interactive
Zoom Meetings
Once a quarter, you will have the opportunity to attend a {LIVE} Zoom group coaching class with Echo and the other women of Soul Up. This "built-in accountability" is here so that you can ask Echo any questions you have along your Soul Up Journey. This added benefit is a way to connect on a more personal level, “face to face” with Echo and other Soul Up Woman on the same path you are on.
"Soul Up Guide" Ebooks
Each Masterclass comes with it's own beautifully and thoughtfully curated Ebook, designed specifically for covering the Masterclass core training topic. These ebooks are called the "Soul Up Guide" and will be a resource you can refer to over and over again. It truly is timeless. Having an outline to follow for each of the Masterclass's is what will take you further with your experience and is a way to expand your learning with the additional tools and resources listed inside each guide. 
Soul Up Themed 
7 exclusive Meditations created by Echo, specifically to go with the (7) core "Soul Up Masterclasses." These meditations were intentionally created to act as a tool, taking you deeper into your Soul Up journey and helping you get centered around your experiences in life and the outcome you are creating. 
Soul Up Spotify 
Access to carefully curated Spotify list(s) for Soul Up Members to listen to and absorb throughout their Soul Up journey. Music is healing and you never know when a song can change your life.  Echo hand picks what makes the list! Each core Masterclass topic has its own vibe and so it deserves it's own playlist. *Amen*
Soul Up Journal
A digital "Journaling Notebook" intended to be used as a resource for connecting on a  deeper level with your soul. This "Journal Notebook" will help solidify your intentions along the journey and give you the opportunity to visualize the transformation you want to have. Let your pen guide you. 
Let's Talk BONUSES! 
Get This Course 100% Free When You Join Today!
Bonus Masterclass On Boundaries
One of my favorite masterclasses from the Love Yourself series, which I'm including for all of my Soul Up Community members 100% free!
A Quick Recap Of What's Included In The Soul Up Community:
  • 12 Group Coaching Masterclasses - A monthly themed masterclass taught by Echo every month ($4,788 value)
  • 12 Live Interactive Zoom Meetings - One hour live Q/A community meetings ($660 value)
  • Monthly Soul Up Guide E-Book - A monthly e-book outlining masterclass ($147 value)
  • ​Monthly Themed Meditation - Meditation for each month's theme ($97 value)
  • ​Monthly Spotify Playlist - A special playlist curated for you! ($15 Value)
  • ​Monthly Journal Prompts - Journaling prompts to help you ($27 value)
  • BONUS - Boundaries Online Study ($47 value)
Total Value = ($5,781)
Available Now For Only $555
or 12 easy payments of $46.25

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